We're located on
Highway 75 "King of Trails"

 The "Historic King of Trails", US Highway 75 (KT) crosses the entire United States,  beginning in Winnipeg Manitoba.Canada and ending at the Gulf of Mexico in Galveston, Texas. Learn more about our historic highway byway, visit: Highway 75's official website.

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Crookston's first PRIVATE RV PARK & Campground
Near the intersection of Highways 2 & 75
Crookston Minnesota

PRAIRIE RV  Park & Campground 
                                       "Spend a Day or a Season"
Awesome SUNRISES  
Incredible SUNSETS
Breathtaking MOONRISES!

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EXCLUSIVE use of the campground - HUNGRY? looking for excitement?


"Come as Guests...Leave as Friends"



A 42 foot coach in one of our 2 50 amp spaces.

Things you should know:
We're located:
1.1 miles NE of Hixon Minnesota
5 miles NW of Crookston Minnesota
7 Miles ENE of Fisher Minnesota
24 Miles ESE of East Grand Forks Minnesota & Grand Forks North Dakota
75 miles NNE of Fargo North Dakota
90 Miles W of Bemidji Minnesota
90 Miles S of the Canadian/American border
155 Miles S of Winnipeg Manitoba Canada
1208 Miles NW of Nashville Tennessee
600 air miles NW of Chicago Illinois
689 air miles NE of Denver Colorado
1195 air miles E of Seattle Washington
1222 air miles W of New York New York
4392 air miles on the great Circle from Berlin Germany
4825 air miles on the great Circle from Moscow Russia
5718 air miles on the great Circle from Tokyo Japan
5875 air miles NNW of  Rio de Janeiro Brazil
8062 air miles NNE of Bangkok Thailand
9495 air miles on the great Circle from Mount Erebus Antarctica
Visit Berlin Germany

Because this is an actual working grain and row crops farm, there will be days where there is harvesting going on (noise and dust might be present in the farmstead!  There is an occasional day outside the harvest period where you will awaken to tractor noise working around the farmstead.  Most times it's so quiet that you can hear a train going by almost 3 miles away.  This farmstead is not an origination location for crop spraying or other chemical applications, all of that is done by folks who carry current application licenses from our other family farms.  On the days that the fields surrounding the farmstead will have chemicals applied, there will be advance notice of the "when and what."  Because it is our desire to be the best stewards of the soil that we can be, we are constantly developing new techniques to minimize the amount and type of chemicals used.  Some of this land has been in our family for over 120 years.  We want to keep it (and ourselves) healthy as we pass it down to future generations.



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