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Prairie RV & Campground

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Crookston's first PRIVATE RV PARK & Campground
Near the intersection of Highways 2 & 75
Crookston Minnesota

By staying at PRAIRIE RV you agree to the following whether signed or not!

Wavier of Liability Agreement


I am renting a camping space from PRAIRIE RV Park & Campground with the non-exclusive use of its facilities in Lowell Township near Crookston Minnesota.  I will be given sufficient space for an RV  campsite and will be allowed to use the grounds surrounding the campsite and the land contained on the farmstead.  There are ______ (number) of people in my party.  I represent to PRAIRIE RV Park & Campground that I will be responsible for furnishing a copy of this agreement to all members in my party.  If I am not the group leader and am not authorized to sign on behalf of all members of my party, then I will see to that all members sign this agreement below.  If any member of my party is below the age of 18 years, is incapacitated, or is unable to sign or to understand this agreement, I will be responsible for that person and will see to it that that person abides with the intent of this agreement.

I will be camping out and enjoying the use of facilities that are in the open prairie.  I understand certain things go with the territory when you are in the open prairie.  In that regard, I agree to inspect the facilities and the grounds and to assume responsibility for myself and other members of my party for all activities that will be occurring on the premises.  I promise to be observant to my surroundings, including footing, slick spots, moveable objects,  living creatures etc.  

If I use a campfire, I represent to PRAIRIE RV Park & Campground that I have done so before and that I am aware of the dangers of being around hot coals and open flames.  I agree to look out for all personal property, which I bring on the premises and will not hold PRAIRIE RV Park & Campground liable for any property that might become lost, stolen, or damaged for any reason.

I understand that the premises, which I am renting, are for the enjoyment all the guests of the campground.  I give permission to PRAIRIE RV Park & Campground to use any and all lawful means to remove me from the premises if, in their opinion, I become a nuisance or a threat of harm to myself or to those around me.  If I or anyone in my party will be drinking alcoholic beverages, I promise that we will do so in moderation and with the knowledge that there may be others present who would object to the consumption of alcoholic beverages.  I will not take glass containers of any kind outside the area of my campsite.  I promise to respect the property of myself and others on the premises.  I will not abuse or destroy any property, including trees and other vegetation or any other farm buildings or equipment.

In considerations of being allowed to rent the premises, I agree to be observant concerning the matters above and to hold PRAIRIE RV Park & Campground, their agents, employees, and personnel and John Reitmeier and the Reitmeier Family, harmless from any and all actions or inactions of myself or for those whom I am responsible.  I further agree to indemnify PRAIRIE RV Park & Campground, their agents, employees, servants and personnel, and John Reitmeier and the Reitmeier Family, from any and all claims of myself or those I am responsible for arising out of the use of the premises, said indemnifications to include costs and expenses of suit and attorney's fees incurred as a result of defending such claims.

EXECUTED this _____ day of ______________, 20__

____________________________________   _________________________________

____________________________________   _________________________________

OUR RULES    Hey, it's just common sense!
*Speed LIMIT in and around farmstead is 4 miles per hour.
*You must be 21 to rent a space. You are responsible for anyone under 21 in your party.
*We are not set up for children, there are no children activities areas.
*You must have a license to operate a motor vehicle of any kind.  All vehicles, motor bikes, 4 wheelers etc. must stay on gravel and roads.
*We have 1 drive through space but lots of room to drop & re-attach for the others.
*Please keep your site neat.  All garbage must be in garbage bags, please separate paper that can be burned from the rest of your trash and place in marked containers.
*Office is open 8am-10pm Monday-Friday, 8am-6pm Saturday, 2pm-8pm Sunday.  During other hours, please locate caretaker. 
*24 hour access to telephone available.  We will find you for emergency phone calls, all others are posted on the office bulletin board.
*Your space is for your sleeping unit and a tow vehicle or towed vehicle.  Please ask for parking spot for any others.
*Visitors are welcome but we'd like to know who's visiting.  Please have your guests leave by dusk.
*Most folks sleep with their windows open, please be sensitive to their wishes for quiet between 10pm and 7am.
*DO NOT enter any farm buildings.  Please do not approach any farm equipment or farm workers-on days when they have some free time, they're happy to talk to you, just welcome them with a smile.  *Your host is glad to answer any questions and take you on tours. 
*The Sheriff's cars regularly drive through, don't be alarmed, we welcome them.  If you have any emergency, call 911 and tell them you're at PRAIRIE RV. 
*Please do not leave any food outside unattended.  Skunks and Raccoons and such have sensitive noses and are generally hungry.  Please report any Skunks.
*Please don't feed our cats.  They are well nourished but we encourage them to catch rodents by not giving them canned food. 
*Do not harvest firewood from the surrounding trees without permission. 
*Fires must be in your fire ring and must be attended to.  Put them out before leaving or going to bed.  *Please check the office for fire conditions.  Sometimes we can only allow charcoal in a confined cooking unit.
*No firearms/shooting.  We have a local gun club and would be glad to make arrangements for you. 

Until further notice:

Until further notice: We have 4 campsites available.  Two have 20 &30 Amp electrical service and 2 with 20/30/50 amp service.  There is water to 3 of the campsites.  There is NO facility to dump your tanks yet.  Please dump your sewer tanks before your arrive.  Dump stations are in Crookston (Ampride) and East Grand Forks (intersection of HY2 & 220).   

  We do NOT take folks who just show up. 
  YOU MUST HAVE an advance reservation. 
  You MUST provide IDENTIFICATION for each guest. 
  Cash only, in advance.  We do not take credit cards or checks or money orders
  We reserve the right to terminate your stay with us at any moment for any reason.
(Wow these rules seem pretty tough!  Why is that.   Here's the simple answer.  We've traveled the world since 1982.  We've stayed in $350/night hotels and in $3.oo per night campgrounds.  It's seems for every 100 people out there, 98 are folks you could trust your life with from the first moment you met them.  The other 2 would pick your pocket while you were bending over to help them with their bags.  If you're in the 98, COME, STAY, ENJOY and RETURN!  We're just trying to weed out the other 2 :-)

Because this is an actual working grain and row crops farm, there will be days where there is harvesting going on (noise and dust might be present in the farmstead!  There is an occasional day outside the harvest period where you will awaken to tractor noise working around the farmstead.  Most times it's so quiet that you can hear a train going by almost 3 miles away.  This farmstead is not an origination location for crop spraying or other chemical applications, all of that is done by folks who carry current application licenses from our other family farms.  On the days that the fields surrounding the farmstead will have chemicals applied, there will be advance notice of the "when and what."  Because it is our desire to be the best stewards of the soil that we can be, we are constantly developing new techniques to minimize the amount and type of chemicals used.  Some of this land has been in our family for over 120 years.  We want to keep it (and ourselves) healthy as we pass it down to future generations.



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